You never respond to the same call twice. Your training should relect that. You need to immerse yourself in the environment in which you serve. Whiteline understands, we make it a priority.

Realistic Simulation is built into the course alongside lecture and class time.

Not all emergencies are readily diagnosed.

Learning from interaction and communication with our actors provide the feel of true assessment.

Whiteline provides education to responders from all of Montana. We travel to you to meet your needs with a variety of classes and services. Whiteline is here for you so you can be there for those in need.

This level of training not only satisfies your recertification C.E. hours it creates better responders

You are EMS

So are we

Whiteline is the best at what we do. We prepare you for the call those in need make on the worst day of their lives because you're always there and always prepared.


Whether for certification or just to learn, build, and refresh on basics and advanced techniques.

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With decades of experience in the rescue and EMS field we are happy to provide an additional hand with your agencies' needs.

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Full EMT classes, from the first page of your book until your state test. We've got your back when it comes to your profession.

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