Who are we?

We're in EMS too

Whiteline brings a realistic approach to training.

The name Whiteline is taken from the "The thin white line" which represents fallen EMS heroes. Our instructors have been there. Not just in the classroom but in the field. We started in class, entered and worked in all aspects of the profession and now teach the next generation of responders. We consider it an honor to be among those who serve.

MiKayla Durkin has been working on this for some time. She wanted to show what Whiteline really stands for and the compassion we have for the students and patients . She spent hours and hours going through videos and pictures and tying it all together. Some days I think she had my phone more than me going through pictures and videos. What is only a couple minute video took months to do. I appreciate she took the time to do it and has that much love for what I do.

Posted by John Carlbom on Sunday, November 6, 2022